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  • XCode Command Line Tools

  • Python

Other Scripts

Hello, thank you for checking out this page. In the future, I hope for this page to be filled with useful plugins for UTAU-Synth, however that time is not now - they're just simply not ready. Instead I have some scripts I use often in BBEdit. (I think TextWrangler works too.)

Combining UST files

Unfortunately, I have yet been unable to really create a script to replicate this process, so instead I am going to write the instructions here. It is very useful for previewing a UST (I don't really reccomend it for the final mix, but hey you do you)

Example (UST by UtauReni) (MEGA)
  1. Put all the UST files you want to combine in one directory (folder)
  2. Systematically open UTAU-Synth (or UTAU-Synth Edit) for each, putting the first UST on track 0, the second on track 1, the third on track 2 etc etc, making sure that you save them all as UTF-8
  3. Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/
  4. change directory to the place where all your UST files are, for example:
  5. cd /Users/user/Desktop/USTs/Astral\ Domination/
  6. Alternatively, if you can't type out the directory, you can either autofill with the tab key, /U + TAB = /Users/ or drag and drop the folder from the top of the Finder window (the little icon in the top middle) so it looks like this in the Terminal window: cd /Users/user/Desktop/USTs/手首を骨ごとジョッキリ
  7. Once the directory has changed, using the cat (concatenate) command you can merge them.
  8. cat Main.ust Harm1.ust Harm2.ust Extras.ust > all.ust
  9. Please do not forget the formula for this command, cat (all the usts you want to combine) > all.ust , as this will give you a file instead of just pumping out the result of the command to the terminal window.
  10. Once the file has been created, simply open it and using the channel selector on the bottom left select channel 1, move it over, channel 2, move it over, etc etc until they're all in place (I reccomend also changing the volume of the tracks that aren't the main one to around -12 to -14.)
  11. Remember to save frequently! Once you've moved everything into place, I like to be safe and Save-As to override the original file, but you probably don't need to.

UST - Romaji to Hiragana

Download (MEGA)

  1. Save your UST as UTF-8 2.0 in UTAU-Synth (or UTAU-Synth Edit) before continuing
  2. Inside BBEdit, click the scripts icon (it's the scroll) and click "Open Scripts Folder"
  3. Inside that folder, put the script you downloaded (if you want to check the validity of the script to check for any weird code, please go ahead, I have kept them as plain script files for your peace of mind.)
  4. Restart BBEdit so it rescans for the script
  5. Open your UTF-8 UST in BBEdit, select all and then Script > UST Romaji to Hiragana
  6. Done! Save and you're good to go! (the icon will change, it will still only open in UTAU-Synth(Edit) when double clicked however)

Stereo Mono Output Switcher (AppleScript)


As an application

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip it
  3. Open System Preferences
  4. Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > Add
  5. You will need 2 add 2 apps to assistive tools, the downloaded file and System
  6. System is located in /System/Library/CoreServices
  7. Done, you will recieve a notification when it changes your output mode.

As a script (menubar)

  1. Download the file
  2. Unzip it
  3. Move the file to ~/Library/Scripts/
  4. Open System Preferences
  5. Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > Add
  6. You will need 2 add 2 apps to assistive tools, the downloaded file and System
  7. System is located in /System/Library/CoreServices
  8. Open AppleScript
  9. (Menubar) Script Editor > Preferences
  10. Check "Show Script menu in menu bar"
  11. To activate the switcher click the script icon in the menu bar and select "Mono Stereo Switcher"
  12. Done, you will recieve a notification when it changes your output mode.