Hello and welcome to the official 2TAU project page.
At the moment there are currently 0 distributions available.

About The Name

I love math! The symbol Tau (it looks like half of pi, but its value is 2pi, strange huh?) The name has quite a lot behind it so bare with me please!
Math puns aside, the 2TAU is obviously a play on the name UTAU (when pronounced, I guess...)
So not only is 2τ = 4π = 360° = a full circle, this project aims to be everything that UTAU-Synth lacks, and even bring more functionality to Mac than the Windows dist of UTAU had.

Current Features

I am very happy to announce that albeit slowly, the project is making a lot of progress in terms of functionality - while I will not be providing a changelog of sorts (I forgot to write one...) - instead I will be listing the features I have already implemented.
  • Open Dialog
  • While more or less unused in the grand scheme of things, there is a working GUI file selector

  • File Reading
  • Okay, so let's not kid ourself this is kind of the most important and seemingly most simple part of any program - but this part is responsible for a lot of suffering before its initial implementation - 2TAU is now able to not only work off it's own primitive 'note' system as before, but by adding an overload on the Note() initializer it is now able to create a 'complete' and 'malformed' note. The initializers are as follows:
    Note(Delta: Double, Duration: Double, Length: Double, LLyric: String, Notenum: Double, Velocity: Double, Startpoint: Double, Intensity: Double, Modulation: Double, PBS: String, PBW: Double, Envelope: String, VBR: String)

    Or the 'malformed' note:
    Note(a: String)

    2TAU is also able to read all of these values including project properties from an existing UST (must be UTF-8, UST2.0)

    More on the String values for PBS, PBW, ENV and VBR: There is not yet an interpreter for these values in the UST, more research needs to be done also to figure out what each value actually modifies about the note.

  • VCV Checking
  • VCV Parsing is not yet fully implemented, but simple VCV checking is implemented (there are plans to support modular note formatting to accomodate any new style of reclist or phonemes that you may want to use in the future - this feature is also not implemented yet)

  • Unstrung VCV Generation
  • Funnily enough, and this feature may be improved in the future - but 2TAU can generate a full VCV list (V CV format) from any phonemes given!

About Open Source

This project is derived from my hard work and willingness to learn Swift (;_;) and will not be released as open source. If you are worried about the integrity of the application itself I trust that you receive the official binary from dantedesigns.net (FREEWARE!! Don't pay for it!!!!) You are more than welcome to run as many scans with the antivirus of your choosing, in fact I recommend Malwarebytes. But please do have faith there is nothing malicious in there (at least not by me, if you installed the software using an installer I recommend the previously suggested Malwarebytes, as the application is completely standalone.)

On The Impending Doom of OBJ-C

I don't hate Objective-C, nor do I believe Apple will remove it from MacOS any time soon. That said, it may be in the cards on the future, which is why I'm starting this project now to really get the hang of things and maybe in a few years acomplish the program I've wanted to make for a long time.