Hello, My name is Dante. I am 20 years of age, living on the Gold Coast - Australia.
In my spare time I usually work very closely with vocal synthesizers.

Current Qualifications

• Certificate IV in Digital Media Studies
• Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement
• Currently a white card holder
• QCE (2015)

My Degree 2016 → Present

Bachelor of Computer Science - (Double Major) Data Science, Artifical Intelligence and Software Design (2017)

Year Trimester 1 Trimester 2
2017 Discrete Structures Programming Languages
2017 Computer Systems and Networks Software Development
2017 Programming Fundamentals Data Management
2017 Web Technologies Human Computer Interaction

Year Trimester 1 Trimester 2
2018 Quantitative Reasoning Software Technologies
2018 Social and Professional Issues Data Mining
2018 Intelligent Systems Principles of Software Engineering
2018 Computing Algorithms Systems and Distributed Computing

Bachelor of Science - Computational Science Major (2016)

Year Semester 1 Semester 2
2016 Mathematics 1A Mathematics 1B
2016 Introduction to Programming Object-Oriented Programming
2016 Science Revealed Earth Systems
2016 Introduction to Environmental Studies Statistics

My Spare Time

As I mentioned before, I work very closely with vocal synthesizers such as UTAU and UTAU-Synth (more on the latter) ((and soon to be 2TAU!!)). Of which, I am currently working on reworking UTAU-Synth completely from the ground up (in Apple's very own native Swift programming language). It has brought up many learning experiences and I look forward to improving the project over time.

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