2018 CPRSR is a simple image compression app for iOS.
2018 UTAU-Synth Edit removes several software blocks to allow user to use the freeware UTAU-Synth more easily.
2018 2TAU is a DIY vocal synthesizer, aiming to put power into the end user's hands providing a powerful framework and API for vocal synthesis and voicebank development. It also provides extra functionality that builds on the UST file format
2018 This website is the portal to all of my content, upheld and maintained by me.
2018 cliqueSolver is a program that sets out to solve the clique problem.
2018 simpleNN is a Python program that implements a simple neural network for recognising MNIST handwritten digits.
2018 I built a simple card based game in Logisim.
2018 queenSolver is a program that solves the n-Queens problem.
2018 textToImageEnc is a program in Python that encrypts a message by converting the values to RGB using a special seed.
2017 CraigslistTrawler
2016 A simple script to switch a mac from stereo to mono and back as the user chooses.
2016 VCVBuilder is an iterative VCV builder given a set of consontnats and vowels.
2016 Compress compresses images by drag and dropping them onto the application.
2016 OTOMaker will make an oto for a voicebank for you quickly by guessing parameters.
2016 USTFlagRandomizer will take a UST file and vary a specific flag from note to note to help facilitate a more realistic sound.
2016 VCCVtoAuCVVC will take a UST file where the notes are in Core American VCCV and convert them to their AuCVVC counterparts.
2016 JSweeper is a simple Minesweeper clone written in Java.